Beyond Conviction tells the moving story of three crime victims on a journey toward healing and resolution. The film follows participants in a pioneering program run by the state of Pennsylvania in which victims of the most violent crimes meet face-to-face with their perpetrators.

Beyond Conviction provides a rare glimpse into the lingering pain, questions and regrets for both victims and perpetrators and reveals the bold and difficult path to redemption and reconciliation.


Rachel Libert


Jedd Wider
Todd Wider


Melissa Hacker

Director of Photography

Hope Hall

Additional Photography

Tony Hardmon

Original Score

Mark Orton

Associate Producer

Megan Park


Lyndy Kelley
Timathy Kelley
Shawn Burton
Leatrice Floyd
Angela Alford
Angelo Barrett
Dr. Howard Zehr
Lorraine Stutzman-Amstutz
Joyce Pope
Roberta Pope
William Alford
Doris Floyd
Victoria Bucksbazen
Tonya Hartman
Jerome M. Jackson
Grace Byler
Brenda Wolfer

Additional Editor

Jean Kawahara
Enat Sidi

Assistant Editor

Renata Huang

Post-Production Assistants

Ana Ramey
Jennifer Samuel
Johanna Crescenti
Mimi Greco

Post-Production Interns

Mara Fortes
Leila Carillo
Patricia Waring

Motion Graphics

Nick Hooker

Opening Titles

Steve Fuller, Imaginary Forces
Dave DiMeola, Imaginary Forces


Ivan Miller

Sound Edit & Mix

Margaret Crimmens, Dog Bark Sound
Greg Smith, Dog Bark Sound

On-line Edit

Maibelline Bacod, Spy Post


Gary Coates, Spy Post

Additional Funding Provided By

Lucius & Eva Eastman Fund

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