Robert Koehler
"...records remarkable human moments and touches raw nerves....Libert captures a complicated terrain of unresolved hatred."

Dorothy Rabinowitz
"Those who do view {Beyond Conviction} will see a rare sight for such films-raw emotional terror on the part of a perpetrator and, rarer still, two principals enclosed in their joint nightmare, wholly oblivious of the cameras"

Paul Farber
"Filmmaker Rachel Libert captures spiraling histories of violence with clarity. In highlighting the parallel struggles of both parties, this is more than a televised mediation‹itıs a humanizing portrait of life after death.... Beyond Conviction doesnıt promote eye-for-an-eye retribution, or even turning the other cheek. Instead it documents a double-sided healing process, and turns the notion of justice on its head."

"What to Watch"
"For anyone whoıs ever said ³just give me five minutes alone with Œem² comes this documentary on victims given an entire day to confront attackers."

Tim Grierson
"GO...the film's power stems from its subtle supposition that a crime's emotional repercussions are ultimately more damaging than the crime itself. Years after the fact, these individuals remain hostages to their past, hoping to find comfort, ironically in the one person who can relate."

Sheri Linden
"Must-See Cinema: The LAFF has a number of real gems on offer--BEYOND CONVICTION...explores attempts at reconciliation and the legacy of violence..."

Kevin Crust
Selected as one of the ten recommended films at the LA Film Festival." Addressing the process of healing, the film focuses on the intense face-to-face meetings as victims and perpetrators work through forgiveness and understanding in the hope of gaining closure."

Brian Brooks
"Victims of violent crime confronting their perpetrators is the subject of director Rachel Libert's LA Film Fest doc, 'Beyond Conviction', which has had people buzzing here in Westwood."

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